Statement on Maintaining the Current Opening Hours of Border Crossing Points

The Finnish Border Guard has put forward for consideration the idea to shorten the current opening hours of the border crossing points located in the area. The Niirala border crossing point, which is currently open round-the-clock, would be closing for the hours 23-07. The current opening hours of the Vartius border crossing point would be reduced with two hours, and the Kuusamo border crossing point would in the future be open only six days a week.

The proposals are related to the need to adjust the Border Guard budget with EUR 15 million and the need to increase human resources in the control of land borders.

Euregio Karelia has on 26th August 2016 delivered a joint statement justifying why shortening the opening hours of the border crossing points in the region shouldn’t be done.

The statement in its full length (Finnish)

More Information:

Secretary General of Euregio Karelia
Timo Leinonen
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