UKK Society Visit to Kainuu and Kostomuksha

UKK (Urho Kaleva Kekkonen) Society is based in Helsinki, but has operations throughout Finland. The purpose of the society is to uphold President Kekkonen’s life’s work and make it known. In July 2016 the UKK Society organized a seminar in Kuhmo, Kainuu, with the topic “UKK and Kainuu”. After the seminar, an official trip to Kostomuksha was carried out.

About 60 people participated the trip, mostly coming from the metropolitan Finland, led by the Secretary of State Paula Lehtomäki, who was born and raised in Kuhmo, accompanied for example by the former Permanent Secretary to the President, Juhani Perttunen.

The UKK Society group was hosted in Kainuu by the Regional Mayor Pentti Malinen, who had the opportunity to share news from Kainuu during the bus trip from Kajaani to Kuhmo. Chairman of the Board, Vesa Kaikkonen, brought the greetings from Kajaani city and the former municipal director of Suomussalmi and the former Regional Mayor of Kainuu, Timo Säkkinen, brought greetings from Suomussalmi. Regional Development Manager Paavo Keränen told the guests about Kainuu cross-border cooperation, construction of Kostomuksha and its impact on the Kainuu region. Chairman of the Regional Board, Timo Korhonen, also presented the greetings of Kainuu region at the Kuhmo seminar.

In Kostomuksha the guests were hosted by Head of the Republic of Karelia, Aleksander Hudilainen and Director of the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in Finland, Valery Shlyamin, together with Kostomuksha city management and business representatives. The event received good publicity in Karelia, on both TV and in magazines. Also the Finnish Broadcasting Company was present and reporting.

Also in Kostomuksha, a seminar on topical issues of cooperation took place. The memorial plate attached to the UKK-Kosygin monument was unveiled as the last programme of the trip. On the plate, there are the names of Finnish municipalities, companies and other stakeholders (altogether 16 names) having participated the financing of the monument, written in both Finnish and Russian languages.

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