Euregio Karelia strategy 2021-2027

Euregio Karelia cooperation strategy 2021-2027

Euregio Karelia board accepted new Euregio Karelia cooperation strategy for the years 2021-2027 in its meeting 26th of November 2020. The cooperation strategy prepared by the Euregio Karelia Secretariat, is based on an analysis of the current situation in Euregio Karelia area as well as on a stakeholder survey and consultation. Strategy outlines the cooperation priorities and highlights the common interests until 2027. The cooperation strategy 2021-2027 gives strategic viewpoints to the preparation and implementation of the new Karelia CBC 2021–2027 in the region. The priorities for Euregio Karelia's cooperation for 2021-2027 are:

  • Well-functiong transport and telecommunication connections
  • Competitive and renewable business life
  • Clean environment, diverse nature and climate-resistant activities
  • Everyday well-being and increasing interaction between citizens

The cross-cutting themes are youth cooperation and high-quality education and research.

Euregio Karelia strategy in English will be published later on.

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